Padron Peppers Tub 200g (*only available for Glasgow deliveries or collection)

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Fresh Padron Peppers – a tasty, popular tapa.

Mild variety.

Fry in olive oil and sprinkle sea salt.

These famous little green peppers are served as a tapa in bars all over Spain and are an absolute favourite with holidaymakers and locals alike.

With a unique, almost asparagus-like taste, ‘Pimientos de Padron’ are as delicious as they are popular, but what makes these peppers different from all others is the ‘Russian roulette factor’ – one in every 10 or 20 peppers will have a spicy kick to it, and there’s no way of telling when you’re going to get a hot one.

Padron peppers are simple to prepare, and there’s really only one way you’re going to want to do them: fried until soft in quality extra virgin olive oil and then finished with Maldon, or other coarse sea salt.

Thanks to the resourcefulness of our supplier, we are now able to offer these irresistible peppers on a year-round basis. During the Galician growing season (May to November), the factory uses locally grown produce. In the off-season, produce is brought in from other (warmer) areas, such as Almeria.

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